Inspiration, flattery or just plain copying?

I have been very impressed by my friend Gillian committing to a daily blog for a year (and keeping to it, so far!).  Am I too late to join in?  There are 360 days left to 2011, which in some environments is as good as a year, so I’m in.

These are my first real steps into the digital world and they will be faltering dolly steps for sure, but I am inspired by the idea that they could lead me anywhere, that I do not need to know the ultimate destination.

A few years ago I climbed Kilimanjaro over Christmas, in the rain.  It was the most miserable experience I have ever had on a mountain, but it did make me realise that when it comes to trekking, getting to the top is not what I enjoy, it is the journey, the stopping beside a path on the pretext of taking my jumper off (or putting it on) catching my breath and admiring the view of the track travelled, the surrounding hilltops, the valleys below and the sky above.  So this is not about ‘summit bagging’, it may just be about going around in a circle, but seeing and appreciating all the points on the way.

And I join in the commitment to a daily post, if only to get better at it.

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  1. I was thrilled to see you inspired to take up the dailyblog challenge! You are so right about the journey, and yes, every day is the start of a year, so it’s never too late to start. It will be very exciting one year hence to see where this particular journey has led you. Bon voyage; I look forward to reading you!

  2. Hey Rowena – this is great! And so refreshing – now you’re inspiring me too. Congratulations must go to Gillian for getting us to take action! I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a blog for a long time, but not knowing where to start … I’ve got no excuse no Rowena as you’ve taken the first steps! Good luck. I look forward to seeing where your writing leads you!

  3. margaret nickels

     /  January 9, 2011

    Hello, found the Sondheim musings very interesting. Martine has the link too and is really keen so it is just possible you may get some French comments too.Margaret.


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