Unwelcome Analogies

It seems that it’s not uncommon to question what one has taken on by participating in the postaday2011 challenge, but there are helpful prompts out there; I particularly liked ‘stop worrying, hardly anyone’s going to read it, anyway.’

I’ve embarked on the challenge in some part to engage more with the online world, of which I’ve largely been a bit apprehensive.  The idea that whatever I send out is there forever is a daunting one; all those mistakes that nothing will erase.   But still only within my first week of endeavour I’ve learnt a lot, if only how much more there is to know.

There’s a truism that says all writing is worthwhile, not all writing is worth sharing.  When I said this to my niece, she replied ‘Eejits wrote rude words on my cupboard door in blue crayon.  Worthwhile? I think not.’  Is this is the equivalent of blue crayon, or the cupboard door?

When I confessed that until now I had always felt a bit like an eavesdropper or a peeping tom when reading blogs (which just shows how much of a neophyte I am) I was told the better analogy was to think of bloggers as pole dancers.  Now, that one certainly stopped me in my tracks, mid show, as it were.  It’s going to take me a while to shed the images that it conjured.

By that measure though, writers published in more traditional hard copy ways might be characterised as pole dancers too, different only in that  they have publishing houses as their pimps.

So all together girls……

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  1. margaret nickels

     /  January 12, 2011

    I prefer to think of you shining a light ! M.x.

  2. poledancer? No, don’t think so. Poledancers aren’t viewed by family and friends in their early days!


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