Spinning and Weaving

Where is the best place to generate ideas?

And if I can identify it, shouldn’t I spend all my time there?

My friend Gillian says a particular set of traffic lights does it for her.

To my horror, I’ve recently noticed that I’ve been getting ideas for these blog posts while I’ve been sweating and peddling through my spinning classes at the gym.

So let’s get it clear straight away, there is no way I am going to increase my level of participation in what, on the timetable, the gym calls ‘group cycling’; it’s far too much like hard work.

I’m sure there’s some physiological theory that would cite the increase in blood flow to that little bit of my brain that deals with creativity, as the fuel for the ideas; but it’s hard to believe at those moments mid class when I feel particularly oxygen deprived, and bombarded by the percussive volume of the thumping music that accompanies the class.

Being entirely occupied with challenges of survival seems to allow my mind to wander.  Maybe it’s similar to thinking about something else to overcome the frustration of not being able to remember the word or name that I’m trying to find.

A further challenge, after coming up with an idea, is to retain it until I’ve got home and have the wherewithal to write it down, as, because of my aversion to locker rooms, the only things I take with me are a bottle of water and my house keys.

Not every idea is a good one, but I need as many as I can garner in order to meet the postaday2011 challenge; so I’m slowly developing a system of writing a headline as soon as I can, and then when I sit down to write a post I expand and embroider the ones that appeal at that moment.

Sometimes I stay on the track I originally had in mind; sometimes I wander right off piste, and it’s a relief that either outcome is fine for the moment.

Still no clue, though, as to how to handle my pavlovian reaction to one of the spinning music tracks creeping up on me in restaurants and bars.

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  1. Cath

     /  January 17, 2011

    I’m really enjoying your blog! Look forward to reading it each day – it is inspiring me to do some writing!! Capturing my thoughts …

  2. Cath, Thank you so much for your support. Now, get writing! R

  3. margaret nickels

     /  January 17, 2011

    Its not a physical place ; but a state of mind.Certainly other pathways open up during meditation .


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