Caught out by my own ‘efficiency’

By my calculation this is my 48th successive daily post; that’s quite something for me – it’s four dozen, or a day short of seven weeks and 13% of the way towards the 365 day target.

Although I have called this blog ‘Reading and Writing’, ‘rithmatic is never far from my mind.

Give or take a bit, each post is about 500 words long, which gives me a year to date tally of getting on for 24,000 words.  In the context of the speed at which I produce words for my fiction, that is a lot.

Not such blue sky thinking

As a neophyte blogger, to complete the challenge to post something daily, at a reasonably regular time each day to satisfy an early request of one of my readers, I have had to develop a system.

Rule 1 is that every viable idea has to be used; some are better than others, but it is vital to the process not to be too self critical, and not to spend too much time agonising about each one.

Rule 2 is that I always have a completed post ready the night before, so that I do not have a panic in the morning.  I have become adept at using the facility to ‘schedule’ ‘publication’ for a particular date and time.

The combination of Rules 1 and 2 operating in harmony is that, recently, I have had at least a couple of posts all ready in my back pocket at any given time.

I have upped my pace this last week as I was going to be away from home with no guarantee of access to the internet, visiting friends and family, and hopefully will have too many other things to do.  To ensure continuity of service I have ‘banked’ a number of posts in advance.

I found a problem with this approach today.

The amusing thing I found on the internet on Tuesday, and which I wrote about then for the post for Saturday, was published in, of all places, the Daily Mail, on Thursday.  So when I thought I was sharing a minority amusement with you, you may have already read about in the outraged columns of the bastion of the reactionary.

It is a reflection of how quickly information flows around the internet, and that I was not the only person whose attention was caught by the wit of Lydia Leith’s idea; and I hope that the report that she has already sold out of her ‘Throne Up’ sick bags is true.

But I have learnt that if I want to be first-ish then I have to work smartly and efficiently as the latter alone may not always be enough.

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  1. ahmasmi

     /  February 21, 2011

    The ones I schedule are ones that are not in the “here and now”. For instance, if I have 2-3 scheduled, and I really want to write on a hot topic, I write that one, and re-schedule the one I had in reserve.

    • It’s a good idea. My issue was that I didn’t realise I had my finger so much on the pulse! Especially as I had been trying to avoid all the rubbish surrounding ‘the’ wedding!

  2. As I don’t read newspapers or watch much TV news, I’d not heard about the story before I read it here.

    As for writing a few post so that I can schedule them in my absence, I did this over Christmas whilst I languished in snowbound Pembrokeshire (happy cuddling the aga and a warming drink 😉 ). It worked quite well and although I rarely do it for the majority of the time, preferring to write off the cuff, it kept my few readers happy over the holidays.

    • Off the cuff is good….. I am reacting to one of my readers who suggested it was best if I could ‘publish’ at approximately the same time each day, as that would help him follow. And I don’t want that pressure first thing in the morning; so at the very last I have one lined up for the morning, every night. But then I can’t resist a bit of organisation…..

      • If you have readers who like their morning fix then that’s fine. I’m pretty disorganised even on a good day, we all do what suits us best.

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