This week’s prompt for the photo of the week is ‘Abundance’.

Before a particular photo or theme for a collection came to mind I launched into a riff on the word itself.  ‘Abundance’ has a good feel about it; it suggests a wealth, a profusion, but of welcome things.

You’d not use it to describe something unpleasant.  The synonyms are all generous too: plenty, profusion, wealth, great quantity, copiousness, bounty, prosperity, affluence, plethora, and cornucopia. And even more casual sounding masses, stacks and loads.   I like the idea of plenty; somehow it gives the concept of enough but not too much.

At a time when I often hear complaints about things being ‘too much’: too much consumerism, too much bad news, too much waste, it is pleasing to think of being thankful for profusion.

Squid, Aegena, Greece

Maybe it’s because I’m greedy, but contemplation of welcome abundance brings me inevitably to the thought of food.

There is something joyful to me in the sight of colourful overflowing of fresh food in markets. When I am travelling away from home I particularly enjoy looking around markets where the food on display is unfamiliar to me, and which shows what fuels the local people.

Aegena. Greece

Each country and culture has its own specialities and favourites, and looking at the different things gives a clue into how people sustain and enrich themselves.  I may not always want to try it, but I love to look at it.

The best is when I come across something I love to eat but which is expensive at home because of its rarity, but which is available in abundance in the other country; clams and shrimp in the US, chocolate in Belgium, pineapples and mangos in Africa.

In Japan it was amazing to see a mountain of endamame beans when before I had only ever seen them in strictly controlled small portions in Japanese restaurants in London.

Kyoto, Japan

But equally there was a cornucopia of things on display which held no attraction for me, even if they are highly prized.  But each to their own.  The joy of abundance is that there is enough for everyone.

Kyoto, Japan

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