Happy Snappy

A couple of people have asked me about the photos I have been including in my posts.

I’m a bit apprehensive about saying too much about them, as, essentially, I am no more than a happy snapper, and only started including images in the blog because the WordPress ‘start up’ instructions recommended including pictures to make the blog ‘more attractive’.

I started out a bit timidly, including only small thumbnail shots, but as time has gone on I have started to enjoy looking through my albums and files to find congruent and pleasing photos.  It’s given a new life to the stack of photos in albums that I hadn’t looked at for years.

The shots are a mixture of scanned prints taken in 35mm film and digital photos taken with a Canon Ixus, or very occasionally with my telephone.

I’ve been experimenting with Photoshop, but generally my results with it so far haven’t been very successful, so apart from cropping some of the pictures, they are as originally taken.

I enjoy taking photos and usually have my camera with me, but I’m really only interested in framing the shot, and can’t be much bothered with adjusting light and exposure and all that technical stuff.  I don’t ever want the taking of the shot to become more important than the experience itself.

The theme for this weeks weekly photo challenge is Spring, a topic about which I did a post a couple of weeks ago.  So I started thinking of places I have been in which Spring arrives later than here in the UK.

Ashfield Lake April 9

A couple of years ago I spent the end of March through to mid April at Wellspring House in Western Massachusetts and watched the Spring thaw there.  When I arrived the landscape was covered in snow and Ashfield Lake was frozen so solidly that snowmobilers could cross the ice for a beer at the Lakehouse.

Two weeks later the snow was gone, the lake was melting and one of my friends went swimming off the jetty.

Ashfield Lake, April 17

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  1. brendan stallard

     /  March 23, 2011


    I definitely appreciate the photographs, and as I have mentioned before they do tell a story. For me, the main point of a snap.

    I wrote a much longer response to this yesterday, but it seemed to have been dismissed to the ether.

    Please keep snapping.


    • Thanks Brendan. I think there was a wordpress server melt down last night, which would explain your lost comment, so thanks for doing it again!

  2. yes me too
    I have joined the ‘school of shaky shooting’ since taking on the blog a day challenge. I have become a tourist in my city, which is great and am taking pictures, using the camera as a visual notebook…really enjoying the blog a day, even though it is slightly taking over my existance. take care gitika


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