It will automatically consign me exactly to my era if I were to confess that my first thought on seeing the prompt for this week’s photo challenge was’ Lines’, was of the Blondie album ‘Parallel Lines’, and then, because I was on a music roll, secondly to ‘Wichita Lineman‘.

But neither of those take me closer to a picture.  Where to go next?  A fishing line, waiting in line, a straight line, a wiggly line, the line of beauty, a line of dialogue, writing lines, above the line, or indeed, below it?

Line of sight might lead somewhere….

A couple of years ago I visited Angkor Wat in Cambodia.  It’s a huge archaeological site spread over a large area, which speaks of humanity’s unquenchable desire to build towards the heavens.  There is very little real understanding of who built the complex, and what all the iconography signifies; the history that stayed with me was the catastrophic attempts at archaeological investigations over the years that have done more to destroy the site than illuminate it.

One of the temples was dismantled by a French team of archaeologists in the late 1960s.  When the Vietnam war spread to Cambodia in 1970 the team went home leaving all their documentation behind.  Everything was subsequently destroyed, and now all they have is a pile of building material, rather like a three dimensional jigsaw puzzle with no box and no picture.

Elsewhere there are multiple versions of the same carvings, there clearly being some value attributed to repetition of a multitude…..

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