One – A Photo

I found myself being uncharacteristically literal about interpreting this week’s photo prompt, ‘One’.

Maybe I’ve been watching too many popular science programmes on television, but it seems that nothing is ever properly singular; everything is made up of a collection of other smaller things.  I’ve lost track of whether or not physicists think they’ve identified the smallest unit there is, but whatever it is, it’s tiny.  So even when we pretend that we’ve found a single unit of something, it’s really an aggregation of other things.

And ‘one’ to me, means both singular and fully integrated; so more philosophical than numerical.

Ooff, so before I disappear in a puff of smoke, let’s get back to the colloquial.  She’s a right one, eh?

I’ve just spent some time looking through photos I took on a trip in the Sahara in Niger in 2002, and I thought I’d see if I could shoehorn a triptych of shots into this post for you.  On million billion trillion grains of sand make one desert…..

This is one bike, one man, one bird, one and a half trees, one blue door, one minaret built out of sand in the 17th century in one mosque in Agadez, Niger.

And this is one tree in one desert.

And this is one tense Brit on the back of one camel, being led by one excellent desert chef who could bake bread and cakes in one open fire every day.

Looking at the photo reminds me of how the touareg people train their camels – when the bridal is on, the camel must stand still unless it is attached to the camel in front, or the person riding it has their foot on the base of its neck.  I can see the advantages of training one’s beasts not to wander off, but I did find it an awkward position in which to sit, especially when I was still fearful of falling off.

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  1. Lovely sights. Thanks for sharing. Just sharing mine:

  2. great shootings 🙂

  3. I like your interpretation of “oneness”. Thanks for sharing.


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