A Day at the Seaside

In face of the ubiquitous exhortations that I should be watching a particular event on the television, and the knowledge that there would be blanket coverage of the occasion anyway, so I would see the key images no matter what I did, I went to the seaside instead.  And here’s my little photo story of my day……..

It was a beautiful day, and there were few people about, so I enjoyed many of the traditions of the British coast (without the rain, and the need to eat my sandwiches in the car wiping condensation from the inside of the windows.)

And, a complete novice with the technology, I’ve been playing with ‘effects’ on my photos.

After an arson attack earlier in the year, Hastings Pier is a sad reminder of what used to be there.

But the beach

and the over the top terraces facing the sea are still there.

The May Day Bank Holiday provides an annual excuse to dress up and pretend to joust in the shopping centre

(formerly the location of the county cricket ground….)

Hastings still boasts its traditional fisherman’s multi floor storage huts on the Stade

And the best walks are on the clifftops

To earn the perfect lunch, eaten outside in the sunshine

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  1. brendan stallard

     /  May 1, 2011

    “I went to the seaside instead.”


    мой герой !

    I’m thrilled that you’re using your camera, more please.

    All that dressing up, who would think it of Englanders?

    I showed Susan your lunch and she finally believed me about English fish and chips.


    • Hi Brendan, What’s not to believe about fish ‘n’ chips? But don’t forget the mushy peas and vinegar!


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