Round – a Photo

‘Round and round the garden, like a teddy bear

One step, two step’……. you know the rest

No, that’s probably not what they had in mind when suggesting ‘Round’ as the prompt for this weeks photo.

But, perhaps inevitably, it was my first ‘off piste’ thought when I read it.  Perhaps it’s because ’round and round’ has that relentless feeling of being on an endlessly repeating track.  There are moments when I feel a bit like that about this ‘post a day’ challenge; even when I feel that I might be one step ahead and have a post in my back pocket, another day elapses and I have to find another one, just like all those teddy bears (yes, really stretching the simile there).

Row, row, row your boat

Gently down the stream

Merrily, merrily, merrily

Life it but a dream.

That’s a round too isn’t it?  A bit dull on its own, but with four or five singers setting off at intervals, it can build into something more interesting, if repetitive, if it goes on for too long…… or am I getting too carried away with my blogging metaphors here?

(As a totally random aside, it amuses me every time I type ‘blog’ that the spell checker on this blogging site underlines it with the red squiggly line of error)

Is round the same as spherical? Circular? Is it two or three dimensional?  According to my dictionary it includes both.  Like the answer to one of those questions on University Challenge it will go in front of number, house, head, robin, table, about, daily, dozen, to create words and phrases of very different meanings.

So to the photo (s), as usual I’ve looked back through photos that I’ve on my computer for which I’ve yet to find another use.

As I’m writing this on a Sunday, I’ve decided to go for two contrasting images of spiritual/religious accoutrements.

The first is from Nepal; bells that carry prayers onto the wind and out into the world.  When I walked into Namche, the guide with whom I was walking paused at the stupa at the gate to the town to turn the barrel chimes and say a few words to himself.

In Athens, the hotel I stayed in was around the corner from a small street lined with shops selling religious equipment of all kinds.  I like the fact that even in church matters it’s best to be able to see exactly what your competition is doing; and that the priests and ministers know exactly where to go to acquire the tools of their trade.

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  1. Beautiful shots! I love it! Just sharing mine:

  2. Going around and around admiring the rounds. Love the roundness of this post. 🙂

    You may be interested in the upcoming MiniSeries: A Round About.


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