Water – A Photo

After an unusually dry Spring that has had Kent farmers appearing on the news bemoaning the dry dust in their fields and plums withering on the tree, it rained on Thursday in London.  It wasn’t just any rain either, it was proper big rain, a thunderous shower that pounded on the roof and collected in great puddles over blocked roadside drains.

I had the misfortune to get caught in it, even going as far as seeking shelter under a tree in the park, although I think I was as wet from the water bouncing up off the ground as that falling from the sky.  Once soaked there was little point in worrying if it rained any more……

But almost as quickly as it collected on the ground, as soon as the rain eased the water disappeared, so that by the time I got to the station only a few puddles remained.

So on the theme of rain….here’s a rainbow over Loch Long taken from Cove Park, ‘Water, water everywhere….’

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  1. Beautiful view! Thanks for sharing. Nice shot!
    I can share with you an ancient city on water. Hope you will like them.


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