Worn – A Photo


Feeling a bit worn out, perhaps?  Or long lasting and still here although very well used?

This is guttering on the roof of a building in Athens.  I like the idea that in antiquity it was thought worthwhile to decorate the functional even when it is barely visible from ground level.  It is particularly pleasing to me that the sky is visible through the lion’s mouth on the left.

Given my partiality for visiting archaeological sites, I have an abundance of photographs of things which have been weathered and smoothed by years of exposure to sun, water and wind, but taking inspiration  from the splendidly blue sky in Athens, here is a shot of a stone in the Khumbu in Nepal.

I believe the writing in Sanskrit.  The tale I was told was that the language came to Nepal with travellers from Tibet, and that many of the stones beside the paths carry prayers, and tradition required that you walk to the left around them.

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