Shopping Around

Now, I know you’re all going to think I’ve got a bit of a shopping obsession at the moment, but posting every day means that I have to roll with the flow of random thoughts that present themselves.

In actual fact, I really rather dislike having to go to the supermarket.  And before you start extolling the virtues of small independent food shops, I dislike having to go to them even more.  There’s something about going there, taking things off shelves putting them in a basket, taking them out of a basket to show to the cashier, putting them in a bag, taking them to the car, unpacking them and then finally putting it all the cupboard, that feels like the most colossal waste of time.

I’ve tried the ordering online thing too.  After a first experience of managing to over order broccoli by a factor of 10, I found that far too much of the fresh produce was nearly past its best, so the only option is to go and select it all personally.

I go as infrequently as I can.  I buy loads, and then I don’t go again until there is nothing left.  There are days when I open the fridge and see nothing but an egg, an onion, and a mouldy carrot and tell myself that I must be able to make something from it, simply to avoid having to go shopping.  It becomes a sort of game, a ‘Ready Steady Cook’  without anything  in the store cupboard.

I went to Tesco this morning, and to try and contain my resentment of waiting in line at the check out, I examined the contents of the baskets of the people in front of me, and tried to work out their story.  What will a person do with a dozen eggs, a bag of spinach and 24 discount cherry yoghurts?  Eggs florentine and dessert every day for a week?  She didn’t really look like an eggs florentine sort of a person, though.  Maybe it’s her little secret.

Mind you, anyone looking in my trolley would write the wrong story about me.  I think I’m set for at least a couple of weeks before I’ll be scraping around in the dust in the bottom of the fridge.

I went through the whole picking, packing unpacking ritual in under an hour and a half today.  As usual, in that final stage of loading things into the cupboard and fridge I was reminded of that scene in the movie of ‘The Accidental Tourist’ where the siblings are stacking the shelves in their kitchen according to the alphabetical order of the product.

My cupboards aren’t like that, thank goodness.

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  1. Really loved the way u have put it down…specially the looking into the baskets and working out their story 🙂 🙂

    • Thank you. I sometimes get caught out studying other people’s shopping a bit too closely!

  2. margaret nickels

     /  June 23, 2011

    I have discovered its best if you take it all by surprise .Planning does have to come into it ,else one starves but …. a bit of a game can be useful too !

  3. The time displacement device (TDE) had been brought into existence to deal with the most modern problem of the, “worried well.” Those who had too much good fortune and didn’t quite remember how well off they were.

    It rarely caught out the rich and famous. They had barristers, super-injunctions, Yachts and flats in Belgravia. Her crimes of shopping basket disapproval snooping and general lotus eating criticism were too much for the people to bear. They had occured in print and on her Blog for all to see!

    The secretariat of the peoples republic had enough and Rose was to be taught the error of her ways.

    The famous writer was handcuffed, in her furs! The judges were deaf to her pleas for mercy. She was strapped into the TDE and sent back in time to consider her ways. The TDE was set for Moscow, 1987.

    The TDE is a work in progress, and there were temporal errors. She landed, with a thump, naked into Stalingrad 23rd August 1942!

    As the TDE image faded, Rose was heard to grumble, “Oh b***ger,” as the shells pounded in. 🙂



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