Sky – A Photo

There’s no accounting for what pops into my head at the sight of the weekly photo prompt.

Rather than blueness, clouds or sunshine, the first things I thought of when I saw the word ‘sky’ were Marlon Brando, Ian Charleson and Ewan McGregor; three actors you may not think have that much in common.  Think again….

Gambling, singing, the Salvation Army, New York.  Got there yet?

They’ve all played Sky Masterson in ‘Guys and Dolls’; or more specifically, I’ve seen them all play Sky Masterson, although it has to be said, it was slightly awkward casting for Marlon Brando.

At a time when, as a child, the family didn’t have a huge record collection the most played one was the original Broadway cast recording of the show.  If you’re unlucky, to this day at the drop of a hat, I can burst into any one of the songs from the score.

But in the meantime, altogether now, Luck, be a lady tonight……

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  1. Ian charleson as Sky? Find that one a bit hard to imagine!

    • Oh yes! National Theatre 1982 – with Julie Covington as Sarah Brown, Julia MacKenzie as Adelaide and Bob Hoskins as Nathan Detroit. It’s such a clear memory. Magic!


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