A Day Off

I had a bit of a day off yesterday and walked from St Paul’s across the river towards Tate Modern with my camera.  I have only a few photos to show for my outing, but as a ‘home tourist’ it’s fairly unusual to be taking photos at all – usually I walk by and see the sights just out of the corner of my eye, as I’m heading somewhere else.

Today I also had the advantage that it was a beautiful day.

It’s officially called the Millennium Bridge, of course, but after the feelings of instability experienced by its users on its inauguration, it will be generally known as ‘the wobbly bridge’, even though it has long since ceased to wobble, following huge remedial work.  (It’s a useful lesson to remember that when you need to build a bridge, get an engineer rather than an architect to build it for you….)

Recently though, I learnt from a young friend, that it may also be known by its association with a Harry Potter film in which it, or its animated cousin, flew into the air in some way.

For me, it’s the most direct route to Tate Modern.

It’s an unexpected side effect of doing this blog that I’ve started looking and taking more photos of slightly unexpected things…..

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  1. hi Rowena,
    Love reading your blog in the mornings. While I obviously associate this bridge with the Tate I also think of Spooks and clandestine meetings in the middle of it.

    • Thanks Kathy! Oooh. I must check out Spooks then,; I’d not made that connection.

  2. Jill

     /  July 4, 2011

    Your blog today is such a coincidence – my daughter is in London at the moment with her dad, and I had just this second opened a video message that she’d recorded at the Tate Modern. Maybe you even crossed paths on the wobbly bridge yesterday.
    I agree with you about the side effect of blogging re photos – I upload a photo every day on facebook in a category I call Hidden Treasures. The treasures are unexpected (and unexpectedly) lovely things that I come across in a normal day. Because I now carry my camera everywhere, I find I see things that I would not otherwise have noticed at all.
    Have a great day

    • Wow Jill, what an amazing thought that we might have passed each other. Taking photos of unremarkable things too has opened my eyes to new opportunities and I’ve been learning a little bit on Photoshop, which has meant that no shot is necessarily ‘bad’ any more. Hope your daughter enjoys her trip. Rowena


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