Hot – A Photo

At first this weekly photo challenge prompt inspired nothing; no thoughts of spicy food or sun baked terrains or red faced people.  Or, I suppose, it did generate those thoughts, but none of them described a photo I felt like posting.

So I resorted to my dictionary, and for such a short word it has a remarkably long entry, mostly defining composite words or phrases including those three little letters.

So we can move from ‘of or at high temperature’, to the one that jumped out at me ‘hot and bothered’ meaning ‘exasperated and agitated.’  Exasperated might properly be used to describe how I feel about seeing the grey sky and torrential rain out of my window this morning.

Friday it was hot, today it is not.

So here is a photo of a hot spot.  It’s Thamal,  tourist central for visitors to  Kathmandu.  I took it on the evening I arrived, as we were walking to Fire and Ice, a well known pizza and ice cream restaurant catering to trekkers and climbers; where traveller’s tales bounce off the walls, and where it is possible to bump into people you don’t really know, but whom you met briefly on the trail and are oddly pleased to see again.

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