Colourful – a Photo

Here I have the perfect opportunity to include a photo that I took, simply because it amused me, but for which there is unlikely to be any other purpose.

It’s a row of rubber boots on display at Liberty’s in London at the beginning of July.  Evidently the discerning customer needs an expensive pair of brightly coloured Wellies in anticipation of the Summer festival season.  One colour for Glastonbury, another for Reading, a third for Latitude, perhaps?  But if you go for Hunter Wellingtons, what kind of tent would you need?

So, while on the subject of over priced basics, here’s some flowers at Borough Market.

This week was the first time I’ve spent any time at the Market, and I was there to observe closely and to try to sketch the surroundings.  It’s a fascinating place.  Quiet on Monday, but packed and humming on Thursday and Friday, the air thick with the tantalising aroma of roasting and frying meat.  Flowers tumble out of carts and hanging baskets, piles of fruit and veg are artfully arranged on trestle tables, jars of specialists honey and unusual oils stand under red and green parasols.  It’s the Market of the visual and olfactory imagination.

But on closer inspection, it’s a bit ‘fur coat and no knickers’: the nectarines I bought to sketch were expensive and entirely ordinary, and before I selected them they were on a stand next to punnets of strawberries imported from the USA.  American strawberries, in July, in England, when the much derided supermarkets are stocking domestically grown produce at much better prices.

It’s a great place to look and observe, but I’ll not be buying anything again.

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  1. Jill Goldberg

     /  July 24, 2011

    The first strawberries of the season are just in the shops here now, but at R40 for 250g I’ll not be buying any either. And they certainly don’t come from the States, but from the strawberry farms 20 kms away!


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