Broken, or Not – A Photo

I’m away from a regular internet connection for a few days, so it’s nearly, but not quite a day off.

I’m taking my prompt from the weekly photo suggestion which this week is ‘Broken’.

I took this shot at the Burrell Collection in Glasgow when I was visiting with my niece.  We both responded to the statues by launching into a bit of ‘The Sound of Music’, sotto voce.  When were telling the rest of the family about how beautiful and surprising it was we both called it ‘The Singing Nuns’, believing that was the correct name.  It was only when I examined the photo more closely that I could see that this was a name conjured by our imaginations; their more prosaic name is simply, ‘a group’.

And they are broken only to the extent of a few missing hands, otherwise in my mind’ eye they have been singing since the 16th century and will carry on for hundreds more years.

I like the fact that this is an entirely undoctored shot and yet you can see the reflection of the tree outside in the glass case.

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