Mountains – A Photo

It almost feels too easy this week to have ‘Mountains’ as the prompt for the photo challenge.  I have so many photos of mountainous views, and I’m sure many of them will be the same or similar to any other photo of a mountain.  The sight of jagged rocks above us reaching to a dramatic sky is so exciting that few, with a camera, can resist.

There’s the desire to place oneself, or someone else in shot, both to prove you were there and to give the sight some scale; but that presents the risk of looking like one of those adverts in the catalogues for outdoor clothes and equipment, carrying the subliminal message that you can only get this far into nature with the help of brightly coloured gortex and a bit of heavy duty wicking material.

But there is still nothing quite like the view of snow capped slopes against a bright blue sky and the memory of being both sunburnt and a bit chilly, as well as out of breath.  Here is my contribution for the day.  It was taken at Namche Bazaar in Nepal.  I liked all the vegetable patches beside the outlying buildings, and the cabbages and bokchoi were nearing full size and would soon, I expect, be cooked up into someone’s daal bhat.

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  1. beautiful photo–I’d love to stay in that building

  2. Jill Goldberg

     /  August 9, 2011

    Really an incredible picture. I have to say, you’re not bad with a camera either….

    • Thanks Jill. I’m really nothing more than a happy snapper, so it’s always a surprise when a shot comes out well.


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