Up – A Photo

In all the places I’ve visited to see the dug up archaeological remains  of ancient civilisations, it is hard not to be struck by the impression that it is a fundamental human need to build up towards the sky.

I got up very early to see the sun come up behind Angkor Wat, but was a bit fed up that I didn’t capture a better image because of the haze; but it is all part of the ups and downs of the amateur photography experience, so it won’t make me give up..

I’d been sitting down for so long waiting, that I found it near impossible to stand up afterwards.

But on the upside, to keep up our good spirits, we’d bought freshly baked baguettes from a man with stall fixed up on the back of his bicycle on the way into the site, and there was a good old fry up waiting for us at our up-scale hotel as soon as we were ready to take the car back up across town.

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