You Shall Have a Fishy, on a Little Dishy…….

Fresh fish has been one of the great pleasure of my stay in Barbados.  There is a Government fish market in Speightstown, but so far each time we have been there, the only stock they’ve had available has been frozen.  It’s understandable that they freeze any surplus fairly quickly, but I’m not sure how early we would have to get  up in the morning to find it fresh.

But this little difficulty has led us to find a much more interesting source, by the side of the road, in the settlement next up the coast from Speightstown.  What is available is variable, and in truth, we’re not always sure what the type of fish is, but it’s all been good.

Sergeant, who has befriended E when she goes by on her daily jog, gutted and filetted the fish we bought at a nearby stall.  His glove was well worn, and his knife was long, wide and clearly very sharp.  He scraped the scales from the skin and cut the flesh away from the backbone and head systematically without any hesitation and with great dexterity.

He told us it was called ‘Ocean Tabby’, but my internet search has not enlightened me as to its name elsewhere.  It was a dark coloured, solid flesh, and this one fish was enough for two good sized meals.

We had thought we might grill it, but Sergeant told us it would be better baked in tinfoil. With tomatoes, onions, thyme and a spoonful from the jar of ‘Delish Bajan Seasoning’  (ingredients: shallots, onions, vinegar, salt herbs and spices!) to which we have become very attached, it was delicious.

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