Girls in White Dresses…..

Is there a qualitative difference in being watched by people lying on loungers slathered in sun cream, on the one hand, or people doing their Saturday shopping in the High Street, on the other, when you’re going through your marriage ceremony?

It’s a question I’ve asked myself each time  I’ve walked past the wedding gazebo which lies on the path from our apartment to the best swimming area on the beach.

I’m sure the photos will look stunning: the bride and groom alone together on the beach as the waves lap at their feet; but what about the people just outside shot, drinking rum punch out of a plastic cup, reading the latest in Scandinavian noir?  Is this what they imagined it would be like when the booked it, after trawling through brochures and extensive searching on the internet, choosing between here and the Bahamas or the Seychelles or Cyprus?

Had the bride thought about the fact that she would be walking through sand when she bought those shoes, or that it would be 85 degrees in the shade when she bought that tight waisted, boned, off the shoulder dress?  Or indeed, had she pondered the wisdom of too much sun bathing just before having to put it on?

The path to the gazebo is of such compacted sand that it floods when the heavy rains come, and then it is swept clean and raked straight again before the next ceremony.  The round shelter itself is decked with a couple of white drapes and bunches of plastic flowers tied to the posts, and is a shaded part of the beach.  Even so….

One couple eschewed the cupola and wed at the far end of the beach, but we were out swimming so had a ring side seat of sorts…….  The bride looked much less trussed up, in a simple knee length dress with a blue sash, while the groom was in a shirt and trousers, and the guests were casually dressed.  Now, they looked like they were having fun…..

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