And on the Other Side of the Peninsular……

Cove Park is on the west side of the Rosneath Peninsular overlooking Loch Long, and I am constantly fascinated by the view.  I’ve never been to Ardentinny, the little village I can see opposite; looking at the map, I think it would be a big loop around of a drive to get there, and at the moment, my interest hasn’t stretched that far…although now I’ve written that sentence, you never know.

So what of the other side, the east facing slopes of the Peninsular?  Maybe its familiarity makes me less interested in it now.  Looking down on the Gareloch, and Faslane Base, somehow its an altogether more gentle looking landscape.  A few days ago, standing waiting for the ferry at Kilcreggan pier, as I was pointing this way and that, trying to explain which water was Loch Long, which was Gareloch, which was the River Clyde and which the Firth, I realised that all those geography lessons in which I’d had to draw the area around Helensburgh had stuck in a recess of my mind.

Given a blank sheet of paper and a few minutes I think I could probably reproduce an unreliable map even now: the opening maw of the Firth of Clyde, the cross between an elongated triangle and a square tadpole of Loch Lomond, the ‘V’ fingers of Lochs Long and Goil, the way the tip of Loch Long nearly touches Lock Lomond at Arrochar, the stubby end of the Peninsular, and the placing of Helensburgh directly opposite it.

It wouldn’t be a whole lot of use to anyone; I’m not even sure what its original pedagogical purpose was, but it’s still there.  Maybe one day, when a party trick is required and ‘Adelaide’s Lament’ doesn’t seem quite appropriate……

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  1. margaret nickels

     /  October 18, 2011

    Somehow this pic rather sums up some of the important elements in this part of the world ! The juxtapositions you allow however would not be on a tourist post card ! I like it .


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