A Coffee Machine, Not a Laptop

After a week of driving myself crazy visiting computer shops ( a broadly depressing experience) and reading online reviews of computers (a much more alarming experience) I have decided that my best course of action is delay.   This is not quite the procrastination that it appears to be.  All of this gorging on IT information has made me realised quite forcibly that all I really want is for my existing Vaio laptop to work properly, I’m not actually that interested in new kit.

I’m not one of those people constantly looking for the latest thing, the most shiny or the highest specification.  Much as I hate my Dyson vacuum cleaner, I still mended it with gaffer tape when a bit snapped off when I’d only had it a year or so.  I sew buttons back on blouses should they become detached, I keep odd socks from the bottom of the washing machine and mismatch them into pairs.  So, if I’m prepared to attempt repairs on other things in my household, it occurred to me that I should make more effort with this computer, especially as I am so fond of it.

So I embarked on a day of  ‘house-keeping’ on it.  I thought I had everything set up to update, defrag and clean according to the default operating system schedule, but I’m not so sure that it actually does it regularly.  If it’s really defragging every Wednesday morning at 1am, why did it take over 6 hours to do it on a Sunday?

I know that Windows Vista was not Microsoft’s crowning achievement, but going onto the user forums was a mistake: it’s so easy to get sucked into the moaning and groaning, and I dragged myself out, amazed that my laptop functions at all.

I tried a bit of software called something like ‘make my PC work faster’;  in a genius bit of marketing they allow you to scan your PC for free, and it comes up with a reading that runs from OK (khaki coloured), through critical (yellowy orange) to near disaster (redder than red), and then tells you to subscribe in order to get the problems fixed.

Knowing that I was allowing myself to be manipulated, I gave it a go, treating it as the decider.  There were three possible outcomes: (1) it would make my PC run faster and happier, (2) it would have no effect or (3) it would break it.  If (1), all well and good, and if (2) or (3) I’d have a real reason for splashing out on something new.

In truth, it’s been hard to tell if any of this has made any difference. Suffice to say the PC’s not had a strop since, and although I’m not tempting fate, I’ve postponed replacing it.

Ever since my holiday in Barbados where the apartment had a Nespresso machine, I’ve been hankering after one of my own.  I’d not bought one because it felt a bit extravagant, but watching myself consider shelling out a significant sum on a laptop, and deciding not to, perverse logic permits me to buy the coffee machine instead.

And that’s what I call a result.

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  1. Rowena,

    The Vaio is a good machine, but is getting a bit ancient. Vista is a truly dreadful OS.

    That said, one thing I am doing with some folks old laptops around here in Atlanta, is putting an SSD in, and adding Windows 7.

    Putting an SSD is THE most effective thing to add speed, and Win 7 is an okay OS.

    Still, if it’s working for you, leave it alone. My guess is that with the age of it, eventually you’ll have to capitulate. By which time, computers will be cheaper:)


  2. margaret nickels

     /  November 2, 2011

    Sometimes it is good to follow your heart and not your head !


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