Sisyphus and the Scaffolding

Sisyphus is the character from mythology who inevitably comes to mind when contemplating the erection of the scaffolding around the building in which I live;  he of the never ending task of pushing a rock up a hill.  The process is so incredibly slow.

I haven’t been inspecting the progress every day, but each time I look, bearing in mind the amount of banging about I hear periodically during the day, it’s very surprising how little extra appears to have been completed.  It occurred to me today that perhaps the workmen are sitting having cups of tea and banging on the scaffolding poles or driving the tractor slowly around beeping simply to give the audio appearance of working.

It's possible they can hoist more than one pole at a time, but I haven't witnessed that

Yesterday I noticed that there are only two men dedicated to this task.  It reminded me of the apocryphal tale that in Victorian times, when the original building was first constructed, they had deployed 1000 men to complete the construction in a year; now it will take 2 men 500 years to do a bit of painting.

It worried me a little when I walked by on Halloween evening that access to the scaffolding structure would be very easy to achieve for any urchins with mischief on their minds; thankfully none seem to have spotted the opportunity, and I wasn’t really in the mood……

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  1. Jill Goldberg

     /  November 3, 2011

    urchins! laughing out loud


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