Breakfast – A Photo

How many photos of breakfast is it polite for me to post?  I feel I’ve already done it a few times, but it’s the prompt for this week and time is somewhat limited today, so here’s the aftermath of a recent mid-morning second breakfast.

I like the mismatched china, although the pink flowery saucer was a bit small for the coffee cup.  The tea drinker had to obey the egg timer and wait for the requisite time to allow the tea leaves, chosen from a list of about 35 options, to steep for the optimum period.

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  1. Rowena,

    Heh, as far as I’m concerned, you can post as many photos as you like.

    I would make one request however, that you focus them a little better than this one. This made my eyes hurt:)


    • Haha Brendan, Sorry, I thought that one was OK – I like a little bit of fuzziness around the edges every now and again. But I will bear your request in mind!


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