The Novice Returns to Life Drawing Class

After doing a week’s course to learn to draw this past summer, I was back at the easel this weekend.  You’ll notice that in the intervening period I’ve not improved dramatically, nor discovered any particularly acute talent, but once again, I enjoyed the experience of spending two days focussed on something entirely different from my norm.

I was in a small class under the tutelage of the same teacher as on my last course.  As well as her tremendous encouragement, where she can find something positive to say about any piece of work, this time she was much more instructive, perhaps sensing that I could take more criticism this time.

It was at lunchtime on the second day that I realised how cleverly the teacher chooses the models for her classes.  It hadn’t really occurred to me in the summer; in my ignorance I thought she booked whoever was available, but now I see that for a study in light and shade and curve we have a voluptuous model, while for the study of head, hands and feet we had a much tattooed model with an exceptionally neat head.  I do like it when there is method in the planning.

As I can’t imagine doing anything with my sketches, I took quick snaps of a couple of them before rolling them up to be brought home, to be stacked in a corner somewhere.  As I was snapping a shot on the last afternoon I noticed that the model was also taking photos of the sketches of herself that caught her fancy. Unsurprisingly, mine was not among them!

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  1. emissima

     /  November 21, 2011

    I think you should frame this one!

  2. Send them to: for transformation…


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