Celebration – A Photo

About 10 years ago I got so horribly drunk on vodka with a friend that I swore off ever touching the stuff again.  Whenever I saw the friend he would suggest that I should try a glass as a sort of delayed ‘hair of the dog’  remedy, but I resisted, insufficient time had passed for me to have forgotten the hideousness of the hangover.  It was hard to imagine that enough time could ever elapse to wipe the memory.

The conversation never quite died, however, possibly because I still had a bottle of vodka in the far back of the bottom of the freezer, kept specifically for the friend on his  occasional visits. Once, to stop the nagging and hinting, under pressure to prove that I wasn’t a complete killjoy, I agreed that should he ever marry again, I would toast, in vodka  to his future happiness at his wedding.  At the time it seemed highly unlikely that this would ever happen…..

Some six years passed.

At his wedding reception last year, in front of the gathered guests, he reminded me of that promise.  I’m a woman of my word, and here are the empty shot glasses to prove it.

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  1. “vodka in the far back of the bottom of the freezer.”


    I know this is going to be one of those, “Duh,” questions.

    Why keep Vodka in the freezer, doesn’t it turn to ice?


    • Hi Brendan. The point is that it doesn’t freeze – if it does, chances are it’s been adulterated with something, so you might want to reconsider drinking it. When I lived in Moscow I heard tales of people using cheap vodka in their car windscreen washer when nothing else was available,as the alcohol keeps it liquid even at quite low temperatures.

  2. Jill Goldberg

     /  December 12, 2011

    We used to keep peach schnapps in the freezer. Maybe there’s still some there…I must look when I get home…


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