There’s Still Time To……

According to the subject line of an email I’ve just deleted without reading, there is still time to engrave an iPad  before Christmas.  As I don’t have an iPad, and it’s unlikely there’s enough time to grow one before Christmas, I think I’ll have to miss the engraving this year.

In fact, my email inbox is currently inundated with rubbish about pre Christmas deadlines for all manner of tut.  It made me reflect on all the pressure put on the fake deadline that is December 25; it’s like the fake jeopardy used in reality TV shows to create drama where none would otherwise exist .

If I had to draw up a list of 10 things to do before a week on Sunday, engraving an iPad would be around, say, 145th.

Given a limited period of time what would I prioritise?  It would be experiences, not the acquisition of stuff.  I’d read a book, see a play or a film; have a conversation with a stranger, or visit a new city.

Hang on a minute, I do only have a limited, albeit as yet undetermined, period of time.  There’s nothing fake about the finite nature of a life; and engraving consumer durables is never going to feature in mine.  Thanks Apple, for reminding me.

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  1. Very well said; I’d rather read a book than waste time engraving consumables. Thank you for the great discussions. I would love to read what you guys have to say about “Evicted from My Space,” another wonderful book out of Africa. It is a great book published in South Africa. A true life story of how Africa’s well-entrenched culture of corruption is depriving its people of their habitat. This work highlights the plights of several African migrant workers, travelling to First World countries in search of liveable spaces. The book contains several mind-blowing stories of Biafra civil war, dodgy life in Europe and now, illicit diamond trade in South Africa.


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