Another Unanswerable Question

There is something fascinating about questions to which there may be no answer.

Wondering is what fuels curiosity and the hunt to find explanations.  There are books raising such points as why penguins feet don’t freeze?  And in the recent season of  ‘QI’ the panellists are each issued with ‘nobody knows’ card to brandish when a particularly arcane question is asked: why do brazil nuts always rise to the top in a box of cereal?

I was reminded a couple of days ago of one of the things that perpetually puzzles me.  Why is it that people who wear Ugg boots are incapable of lifting their feet up when they walk? Is there some special weight inserted in the soles of them that impedes lifting, or that somehow adheres them to the pavement?

I was walking to the supermarket the other day when I heard that distinctive rhythmic scuffing sound behind me.  My reaction to the sound used to be to assume that I was being followed by someone with a walking disability, requiring special consideration, an elderly person with sore feet, a crook back and no teeth, maybe needing me to step aside so they could shuffle past me.  And I’d turn around to be confronted by the sight of a shiny faced young girl, dragging her feet, slouching along, scoring a rut in the concrete with the soles of her boots.

It’s not an attractive look, but that’s their look out; more importantly, it’s really annoying, and I want to shout out them.

‘Pick your feet up, for goodness sake.’

But maybe you know.  Is there an answer to this question?

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  1. Jill Goldberg

     /  December 24, 2011

    I was served by a waitress (waitron?) in knock-off uggs a couple of weeks ago. She, too, shuffled. Bad enough when you’re just doing your own thing, but when you are waitressing..?
    Not sure if you celebrate xmas, although the fairy lights might be a bit of a give-away, so Happy Festive Season to you. Thank you again for all the posts – every one of them either makes me laugh or makes me think of things differently and, sometimes, makes me think of things I had never actually thought of at all!
    Well, I’m off to make pastry for mince pies. Despite being a Goldberg, I was once a little Catholic girl, but that’s all behind me now. I don’t do xmas but have chosen to continue with the mince pie tradition because I love eating them.

    • Thank you Jill. Reading your comments has encouraged me along the way and given me encouragement when otherwise I might have given up.

      I hope you have a lovely Christmas and enjoy your mince pies! (Although it still doesn’t seem quite right to be having warm weather at this time of year!!)

      I shall be with family in the stormy north, but will pop into the blog occasionally as there are a couple of posts already scheduled to appear. Rowena


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