Some Christmas Lights

I have an ambivalent attitude towards Christmas.  I find the television advertising in the run up to it odious; the street lights and decorations are up for far too long , and all the seasonal going out puts too much pressure on bars and restaurants which have difficulty coping, leading to an inevitable deterioration in the overall experience.

If there were less of it, I’m sure I’d appreciate it more.  I remember in 1995 I left Moscow around 23 December to come to the UK for Christmas.  At that time, there was nothing in Moscow to indicate that it was a celebratory season; no extra street lighting, no decorated shop windows, so when I saw my first illuminated tinsel Christmas tree after landing at Heathrow, I truly appreciated its jolliness.

So just to prove my inconsistency in these matters I should probably confess that I’ve decided not to put up my Christmas tree this year. As I’m going to be away for most of the festive period, it didn’t feel as if the work effort to enjoyment ratio was in my favour.  It’s only worth it if it’s going to be there for my pleasure for a couple of weeks before, and all of the time after Christmas until the grand dismantling on January 6th.

The best thing about having the tree inside is the lights, I enjoy  sitting in their gentle twinkly glow, so rather than deprive myself completely I’ve unearthed these fairly lights which, for a couple of years, after I bought them on a whim one December lunchtime, adorned the window in my office at work year round, much to my colleagues’ amusement.

Everyone needs a little whimsy, every now and again.

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