An Image Revamp and Regime Change

It's not too late for a Christmas tree photo, is it? Inside The Dome, Edinburgh, January 2

I’m not really one much for New Year’s resolutions, but the beginning of a new blogging year seemed to call out for a new look.  I hope you like it and weren’t put off, thinking you’d landed in the wrong place.  Same content; new photo, new font is all.  There didn’t seem to be any way to break you in gently; as soon as I’d clicked the ‘activate’ button, there it all was.  Out with the old and in with the new.  Rebranded, ta-da.

Don’t worry, I found making the style choices sufficiently stressful not to want to do it again in a hurry.

The photo on the new masthead was taken in Tonga in 1997; I’d like to think the shop is still there.

And now for regime change…… Even someone not prone to Annual Resolutions can occasionally take stock and decide to make a few adjustments, can’t they?

So, my  theme for 2012 is to waste less time.  I’m not going to confess to all the shameful ways I have managed to fritter away my time in the past, but let’s just sat that the BBC iPlayer has a lot to answer for.

The question of what is a waste of time and what is useful, nay, essential ‘doodling’ time is a fraught one.  To write I need downtime, time where I sit and stare out of the window or colour in the squares in my notebook, and I can always make a strong case for the argument that, whatever I’m doing consciously, my subconscious is busy working away at something useful, but, while I will continue to lie to you about this, I will endeavour to be honest with myself.

When I was working, a huge part of my job involved showing up, being there to show that the project/meeting/person was important enough for me to make the effort to be there, booted and spurred, with something to say.  The luxury I used to dream of was the leisure to be able to get up in the morning and to have a cup of coffee in my dressing gown without having to be alert to the time it was taking.  Sitting on the sofa with the morning coffee still gives me a tremendous feeling of luxury and enjoyment, so I’m not going to be giving that up, but this year, I have to get moving after the second cup.

They say it’s the small everyday changes that are easy to keep and which can make a difference……

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  1. Jill Goldberg

     /  January 5, 2012

    The new look is fabulous – great colours, great image, great font – it all pulls together in a very classy way. I am impressed, and am taking notes…
    There is no such thing as wasting time, in my opinion. Everything we do matters and has impact, one way or another. Enjoy your coffee 🙂

  2. margaret nickels

     /  January 5, 2012

    Good ! Like it a lot ! It might be a bit of a cliché but January is a good a time as any to implement change .


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