Launch – A Photo

Launching my very short theatrical career in Sicily

The prompt this week launched me into an extended review of the hundreds of photos I’ve taken over the years since I got my first camera for my 21st birthday.  Astonishingly, I used to have to the discipline to organise them into albums, so they are broadly organised, although I did laugh over the album that is labelled ‘Miscellaneousness’ which is a random collection of photos that even 10 years ago I couldn’t place in time, generally being photos of the group of friends with whom I went to the Lake District for an annual holiday for about 10 years.

If only we hadn’t all been too mean not to buy new kit, we wouldn’t all have been wearing exactly the same jackets and hats every year, and I might have stood a better chance of putting them in chronological order.

It was fun looking through the albums, reminding myself of trips from which funny stories emerged, but some details of which I’d nearly forgotten.

But I chose one photo for today, in Sicily, on a trip sometime in the early 1990s across the south of the island, spent visiting Greek and Roman remains, and imagining different times.  I remember this place, not for its name, nor its grandness, but the fact that it was barely signposted as our guidebook had predicted, and, when we got there, we had it to ourselves and so had ample opportunity to test its acoustics, trying out our audition pieces and recitation skills.  I believe the photo was taken at the beginning of a particularly spirited rendition of ‘Friends, Romans, Countrymen’.

I couldn’t resist checking out the dictionary too.  ‘Launch’ is both a noun (either a motor driven pleasure boat or a Man-of-war’s largest boat used for going ashore) and a verb (to set afloat, hurl, blow etc), including the joyous phrase ‘to go forth on an enterprise’.

So…..Off we go.

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