So Where do Carrots Grow?

It is possible to waste quite a lot of time following random leads, and wayward thought processes, on the internet.  One frivolous thought can lead to another; one genuine research question can take you up a completely ridiculous detour.  It’s a bit like reading the dictionary; I tell myself I’m learning something and increasing my vocabulary, but really I’m just wandering, and while a certain amount of that is alright, there comes a time when it needs to stop.

Then, on the other hand, if I can get a post out of it, it’s not a complete waste, is it?

Take spam, for example.  Most of the stuff directed at my blog gets filtered out before I see it, but there’s a residue that appears in a spam folder which I occasionally check and then empty.  Along with porn links and random collections of consonants, there is a recurring one, that amused me the first time I saw it, because it begins by insulting my blog and its quality, and then goes on to recommends carrot cake from Norway.

There’s a link, but I’m not that daft.  Instead I found myself asking the question whether there was something special about this kind of cake.  It seems entirely unlikely.  I quite like carrot cake, but mainly for the creamy icing and although I’ve never been to Norway, they’re more into pickled herring than baking aren’t they?

So I did a google search and found several hits; turns out they were all from people who’d found the same spam in their blog comments, and thought it was funny; they hadn’t followed the link either.  Maybe it’s a euphamism, but if it is, I’d sooner not know, because guessing is so much more fun, especially as something about it will, allegedly, improve my blog.

A key question seemed to be: Do carrots even grow in Norway?  And lo and behold I found a site with the answer:    (I’ll paraphrase: not really)

Who knew that there was so much of the world where carrots are a minority vegetable?

See, you never know what you’re going to learn.

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  1. Too true. But I like to think that the stuff that comes my way is following some invisible and obscure law of personal magnetism – i.e. it comes my way because it knows I will find it interesting 🙂
    Don’t know how you knew I’d signed up with wordpress but your comment galvanised me into action: Thanks (I think)!

    • Hi Jill, An interesting theory on the distribution of spam. There’s no big mystery on how I knew about your wordpress identity – yesterday when you commented you used a new ‘profile’ which included (in the information I see) your wordpress address, so (of course) I went and had a look.

  2. Yes, I agree. The internet is the world’s greatest best distractor of … oh look, there’s Seoul 101.


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