Peaceful – A Photo

What do we mean by peaceful?  Quiet, calm, the absence of aggravation, solitude, the absence of war?

Is it an objective or a subjective measure?  Is it necessarily a good thing?  Might it be the quiet before the storm?  Might we just be projecting our own feelings onto a scene?

Would this little pond look so pleasant and reflective to a person afraid of ducks?

The scene looks peaceful, but Loch Long is home to Trident and the weapons silos at Coulport.  Opinions differ about the level of contribution made by the nuclear deterrent to world peace.

I remember the day I took this photo, I had been pacing my room struggling with writing a scene for my novel,  a scene I’d had to dig deeper much to write in an convincing way than had been comfortable, and which had churned up memories of past tumult which required several cups of tea to quell.

The apparent serenity of the scene was broken a few moments later too.  It was mating season and with a ratio of 1 to 5, the female duck wasn’t having a peaceful time of it at all.

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  1. Should a Nuclear Submarine hove in to view upon Loch Long, I know my brother & sisters would seethe with anger…but for me I would rather see a friendly Submarine protecting in Peacetime, than some alien craft claiming power over us.
    Looking at the nearby hills of Glen Douglas, I remember the peaceful deer scampering past bomb silos, happy that the bombs were not in deployment…
    Having lived my childhood in the shadow of Polaris & Trident…I now find my home is just three miles form USAF Welford Base, one of Europe’s largest munitions stores.
    Pax Vobiscum.

    • There’s no escape from defence no matter how far you travel! I’ve just listened to a political spat on the radio about who would pay for the closure of Faslane if an independent Scotland went nuclear-free. No-one mentioned Coulport which would be a bigger issue, I’d have thought. Like you, I’ve always felt happier in the knowledge that there was a deterrent in the hillside, rather than there not being one.


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