More Trial and Error

It was life drawing in art class this week, the aspect of this learning process that I find the most challenging.

In addition, the focus was the use of different drawing materials, so my first task was to source the materials: charcoal, which I had already, conté and graphite which I had to track down.  This search exposed the profound nature of my general ignorance of such things.  I won’t bore you with the details, but I visited three art supplies shops and managed to acquire approximations of what was required, as to the uninitiated  this is a very mysterious world.

The teacher’s philosophy is to make us get on and have a go without giving any instruction or demonstration as to how we should use anything.  The learning comes from having to see how things work, trying and failing, from getting my fingers blacker than they’ve ever been before (and a consequently smudged forehead and nose), and from trying to respond to the specific comments from the teacher as the session develops.

I think it would be fair to say that I struggled all day, drawing quick poses with my left hand (I’m right handed), intermediate poses with only the side of the material, putting on and then taking off with an eraser to create an image, and then finally making a meal of the final tableau in the afternoon.

My modest progress might be measured by the fact that I did manage to change the angle of the torso while I was well into the drawing,  when without the teacher’s insistence I was broadly on the point of giving up; and I like the reflection in the mirror, even though it took me ages.

So perseverance seems to be the key (as always)……sigh.

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