The Challenge of Going Large

The task in drawing class this week was one of scale; to sketch something big.

The original plan had been to sketch something outside, and then to work on it back in the studio, but this was foiled by the extreme cold.  Instead each class member went to buy some fruit, vegetables and bread at Borough Market; a challenge to find something cheap enough not to produce the ‘how much?’ reflex, but which was also interesting enough to be part of an individual still life.

When we returned to the studio with the spoils of our treasure hunt, there was an amusing number of fennel bulbs.  Arranged on one mirror in front of another, my fennel, celery stick and fruit bread resting on a crumpled bag, became the focus of my undivided attention for the rest of the day.

In the end, I was quite pleased with the bread.

And after class I had to carry the rest of the head of celery and the other bits and pieces home …..

Celery and fennel soup, anyone?

I imagine the recipe reads something like this.

1 huge head of excessively leafy celery

1 fennel bulb with whispy fern foliage

1 craggy fruit bread with distinctive cross shape on top

Place all vegetable ingredients on a mirror and study closely all day.

Carry home and chop into pan of chicken stock with lentils and a few carrots and onions.

Serve with generous slices of the bread.

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