Twenty Year Old Work in Progress

You never know what you’re going to find when you start looking for something, do you?

I’ve had to move everything in my flat at least once in the last 12 months for repairs and maintenance to floors, walls and ceiling,  Along the way I’ve thrown away and given away a lot of accumulated stuff I’d forgotten I had.  I thought I knew what was in every cupboard, drawer and shelf, so was surprised to discover that I was wrong.

Yesterday I was looking for the bag of scraps of material I’ve had since I stopped making patchwork cushions and covers in the 1990s to take to my drawing class on Friday, when I found these in a plastic carrier bag.  I have no recollection of having made them, or why they were abandoned, unfinished.  I’m fairly sure they must have been in the bag since before I went to live in Russia in February 1995, but there are all five completed sections of one cardigan and four pieces of another.

The pattern for the purple one is a faded photocopy, so it’s hard to see the photo very well, but what I can see is a model right out of the 1980s: hair quiffed and large hoop earrings, and, could they be padded shoulders?

So, now, I can either finish them or put them back in the bag at the back of the cupboard………

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