In Praise of Difference

Yesterday I posted a couple of photos of the results of my efforts at collage this last week.

After we had reached a mid point in the afternoon, we swapped our efforts with a fellow  class mate, and attempted to draw their collage.  As it was done without any reference to the original still life, a form of second degree once removed, it proved to be another fascinating exercise.

A couple of aspects of this are particularly interesting.  Firstly, the very different response each of us had to exactly the same stimulus; neither is intrinsically better or worse than the other; the very dissimilarity is the point of studying someone else’s work.  It is perhaps one of the transferable skills that I have acquired through all the writing workshops I’ve done, that my response is as valid as yours, our ability to realise what we are attempting may differ, but we each see something a bit different in the world.  You don’t know what it will look like unless you have a go.

Secondly, that just because it’s flat and made from torn up paper, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to draw.

This is the collage made by my classmate D

This is the beginning of my sketch of it

And just to recap, for the ‘compare and contrast’, this is the still life arrangement and my collage attempt….

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  1. Really love the way this is all going. I’d like Tobe in that class!!

    • I’m really enjoying it. It would be good to have you there! It’s half term this week, and I’m going to miss not having the class on Friday……


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