An Unlikely Use For An Airline Eye Mask

Not tartan enough

I don’t think my friend J asked me if I had anything tartan I could lend her because of my Scottishness, I think it was more that she knows I have all sorts of odd bits and pieces in drawers and cupboards.

When she first told me she was going to a Burns Supper for the first time, I wished her luck.  Sooner her than me: I’ve only been to one, and that was when I was at school, and was required to answer the Toast to the Lassies; the food wasn’t very appetising, and the evening went on and on…..on and on.

J only needed a small something in tartan, to show willing; it didn’t have to extend to something like those sashes the Queen Mother used to wear over her dress for country dancing, nor indeed to one of those tourist tat ‘See you Jimmy’ hats, but at first I told J that I didn’t have anything suitable, because tartan’s not really my thing.

She was just about to leave when I remembered a handkerchief/eye mask combination that I’ve had in my bottom drawer since Virgin Atlantic gave them to me years ago, when I was one of their frequent flyers, saved, because you  just never know when something even as ostensibly redundant as yet another airline eye mask, might be useful.  Astonishingly, I was able to put my hands straight on them, and as I had recalled, one was a perfect tartan pattern.

I didn’t really have much of an idea how she could use the hankie nor the eye mask; maybe a temporary bracelet or a covering for an Alice band……

I’ve only just heard the low down from J about her evening: fun, although my predictions about the food and the interminable duration were all on point.

And as for the tartan?  She didn’t wear it, but instead had it in her handbag, ‘just in case’.  So when the games started, she was well prepared. As well as challenges to find someone with the same birthday as them, everyone was charged with finding the person carrying the most unusual item.

And in those circumstances, what could possibly trump a tartan eye mask?

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