Home Tourist – Hyde Park

Looking one way.....

Even though I’ve live in London for years there are occasions when I see something new, when I’m in a familiar area at an unfamiliar time, or when I take a route different from my norm.  Each time I have such an experience it reminds me that even little changes can bring a new perspective.

On Friday I was heading from Knightsbidge tube station to the rendez-vous point for my drawing class in Kensington Gardens, it was relatively early in the morning, yet there was a surprising level of activity in Hyde Park.  The army was out and about running and exercising on horseback; dog walkers in expensive wellingtons were out in force, as were lycra clad runners and cyclists.

I can still be surprised from where it is possible to see the London Eye, but I had no idea it would be visible from by the Albert Memorial.  And there is, but even more surprisingly it is dwarfed by the still growing Shard.  I can’t help but wonder if the planners knew that the thing would be so startlingly conspicuous from such a distance.

Looking the other

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