RIP – Davy Jones

I was both surprised and sad to hear of the death of Davy Jones, as well as surprised at how sad the news made me.  The Monkees were such a part of childhood memories, for what now feels like a long time, the programme was one of my favourites.  And I loved to sing along with all the songs, and dance around the room with their silly antics.

Many years later, my path finally crossed that of  another person fond of their songs, a member of a group I was trekking with  in the Cordillera Huayhuash in Peru.  At the back of the party, I was kept encouraged when the path was steep and tricky, one foot in front of the other, by singing along with extemporised dododoing, do-wopping and  nanananaing in what I considered to be suitable places, accompanying D, who as well as maintaining a nice even walking pace, kept the main melody motoring along .

Our duets became the thing of legend, requiring a grand performance at the end of trek party.  The rendition was recorded on an early MP3 player, which with its earphones was subsequently passed around the bus back to Huaraz.  You could tell where it was at any given moment – whoever was giggling uncontrollably had it.

Our favourite was ‘I’m a Believer’ and this a much better rendition….

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