Spring Might Have Sprung

Not only are the daffodils up out of the ground and looking ready to pop into yellow flower at any moment, today, I noticed that there is already early blossom on some of the trees near home.  They’re in a very unpromising position, poking over an ancient wall onto a very busy road, a remnant of plantings done when the piece of semi abandoned land on which they grow was part of the old hospital grounds, but every year they are the first sentinels of Spring.

I was in a hurry when I rushed past on my way to an appointment, but I still paused to admire the fresh delicacy of the blooms, white with distinctive pink accents, and on my way back, in an even greater hurry I paused to take a photo   I know that tomorrow the flowers will look more ragged, and will have attracted a layer of dust, and I will have to wait another year to be so thrilled to see them brightly contrasted against the bareness of the branches.

February, for all it’s brevity, always feels like a long dark month, but now it is definitely over for this year.

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