An Accumulation of Equipment

Perhaps naively it never crossed my mind, when I embarked on the path of learning to draw, that this decision would lead to a rapid accumulation of stuff, and stuff of a nature that I’d never previously knew existed. or even if I did, would not have thought to use for drawing.

I could have anticipated the collection of notebooks and sketchpads, as they have joined seamlessly into my overstocking of writing books – I simply can’t resist a good bit of stationery.  The better quality the paper, the prettier the binding, the more I like it.

But the rolls of paper I’ve now got leaning in the corner in the hall, by the dining table and in the wardrobe in the spare room are a surprise.  They are the results of my efforts in class, and even when I’ve tried to surreptitiously sneak the greatest failures into the classroom bin, the teacher has stopped me.  So I’ve brought them all home, and having gone through the bother of manhandling them on the Tube and train, I’ve lacked the heart, so far, to throw them away.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with them, other than store them until there’s no more space, and then throw them away……. Although at some point I may want to look back to chart my improvement……

For writing I’m fairly indifferent as to which pen I use, and when I bought the basic drawing kit from the school at the beginning of my first course last summer, I thought the pencils and charcoal would see me through anything I might want to draw.  But then I was interpreting the concept of ‘drawing’  far too restrictively for the course I’ve been dong this last term, which has involved collage, ink, graphite, conte, pastels and the sticks, toothbrush, sponges and general parkland detritus pictured above.  Although I’ve thrown the twigs and bark away, I’ve still had to find a big bag for all the other more predictable drawing materials. (It’s a red multi pocket Clarins vanity bag  I received as a freebie years ago and have had in the cupboard ever since, it’s good to find an unconventional use for it…..)

Now the only thing of which I’m sure, is that there will be more stuff to acquire….

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