The City Of London on a Saturday

If you’ve only visited the Square Mile on a weekday when the pavements are filled with people in suits crowding you off the curb, and the road is blocked with queues of black cabs, every passenger with at least one mobile telephone, you would not recognise it at the weekend.

When I came out of Moorgate Tube Station at just before 5pm on Saturday I could have walked down the middle of London Wall had I been so minded, so deserted was it.  I was on my way for a celebratory drink at the bar high up in Tower 42, a room with a view and a different perspective on the building blocks of the City.

Over the couple of hours we were there the sky darkened, and the lights in the empty office blocks burnt more brightly.

Later, we walked east and north through more deserted streets until we hit the teaming hotspots of Shoreditch and Hoxton, the lair of the hip and trendy; groups of lads leery with drink, and girls in shiny make-up and high heels with not much in between.  I was in a distinct minority in wearing an overcoat.

I need to get out more on a Saturday night……

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