Sometimes, All I Want Is For It To Be Easy

I don’t really like shopping.  I listen with incredulity to people who talk about shopping as a leisure activity; for me it’s a real chore, and something I will generally put off as long as I can.

I particularly dislike shop changing rooms: they’re usually too hot, too brightly lit, and there’s always a lot of faffing about getting shoes and coats off, and then, if the assistants aren’t helpful, and they so rarely are, I have to get dressed again to fetch a different size when neither of the two options I selected the first time fit.

Try shopping online, I hear you cry.  Well that’s problematic too; taller, with longer arms and legs than average, it’s a lottery which rarely goes my way.  But, last year I had three pairs of jeans from the same shop for tall women, different styles, but all the same size, so I thought it was a safe bet to order some from them online.  I knew my size. right?


First of all I missed the post when the package was delivered, so had to take the ‘you were out’ card to the sorting officer to collect it….. It’s only a 15 minute walk, but it started pouring with rain when I was half way there, so by the time I got home, I was soaked through.

Then, they didn’t fit.

So, after all that, I ended up going to the shop to return them.

I put the packet on the counter.  ‘I ordered this pair of jeans online….’

‘And they don’t fit,’ the girl didn’t wait for me to finish.

‘I had three pairs in this size last year that fit fine.’

‘Oh they never keep them the same from one year to the next.’

‘Well that’s not very helpful, is it?’

‘What do you want?’

‘I’d like some jeans that fit, please.’

‘What style?’

‘Don’t care.’

‘What colour?’

‘Don’t care.’

She handed me two pairs.  And I had to go to the overheated, brightly lit and airless changing room, and go through the tiresome trying on ritual.  Both pairs fitted.

‘I’ll take them both, thanks.’


‘Yes, please.’

‘I thought you were going to be difficult.’

‘No.  I just wanted it to be easy, and it wasn’t.’

It’s safe to say, it’s put me off trying online clothes shopping again any time soon.

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