Unusual – A Photo

If not exactly unusual, this is more incongruous or perhaps, unexpected.

I noticed these trees on my way to my class on Friday.  Maybe learning to drawing is making me see my surroundings more acutely, even though I’ve always thought I’m a noticing sort of person, but I’d never even noticed there were trees there before.

They are in glorious flower even though they are apparently planted directly in the concrete of the pavement.  It’s an otherwise entirely unprepossessing urban corner in a shabby part of south London outside Borough Tube station, on the corner of Borough High Street, Marshalsea Rd and Great Dover Street.

Maybe they are part of the yard of St George the Martyr, the church beside which they stand, but you’d need to be severely in need of a sit down for the bench to be an attractive place to rest, taking into account all the traffic swirling around the spot.

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