A Sandwich Course

Discovering that tea tasted much more palatable without milk was rather like finding out that sandwiches could be made without a thick layer of butter; I was able to add both of them to my diet.  The discovery of black tea came much sooner, in my last year of school and little did I know at the time that it would prepare me for tea drinking in Russia.

The sandwich revelation came not long after I started work, and was forced to find something I could eat in a hurry at my desk.  They’re still not my preferred foodstuff, a crispy bacon and fried egg on brown, notwithstanding, I do occasionally have cause to make them.

A couple of days ago a house guest was in need of a packed lunch, so I offered to make a butty, and suggested the following list of possible ingredients (basically everything I had in my fridge at the time): some left over poached salmon, a couple of cold sausages, goats cheese and cucumber.

I was however a little surprised by the request for a sausages and goats cheese combination.  I added a few slices of cucumber to the ensemble and the reports I received back were all positive.  It might have just been politeness, but I have elected to believe them.

The unusual, but evidently tasty combination, reminded me of another marriage of flavours I never thought I would encounter: Laughing Cow cheese and apricot jam.  It was the breakfast spread of choice on a trek I did in the Sahara in Niger a few years ago.

I slept out in the open air, tracing the path of the moon across a star filled sky when I woke periodically in the night.  In the chill of the morning we sat around an open fire and the chef toasted bread on a metal plate over the burning wood, where later he would bake cakes in a makeshift oven.

All the foodstuffs we had with us had to last in the extreme heat of the days for over a week, so the indestructibility of La Vache qui Rit made it a perfect spread; the final application of a thin layer of jam made the whole palatable.  Mind you, I’m not recommending it as balanced nutrition, only as a melange you might try if faced with limited options.

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