The Tyranny of The Stick

It was Measurement Day in the drawing class yesterday, and true to form, told to do something specific, I was paralysed by an inability to do it.

Armed with a wooden meat skewer held at arms length, we were told to measure both proportions and angles, to triangulate from points on the tip of the nose or the bottom of the ear to the bend in an elbow to work out both size and respective positions.  Despite the sense in it, and the fact that I can understand the maths behind it, required to put it into action my brain seizes up.  Much rubbing out ensued.

I’ve still got the stick, and, I’m sure will use it again, and maybe without the pressure to do it properly I might work out a stress free approach.

Meanwhile, here is one attempt.  After all the measuring and what have you it’s a bit too squat, as the model is much leaner than I’ve made him look.  I am however pleased that I did manage, with the aid of the stick to get the turn of the shoulders accurate, and I quite like the hand (even if it is a bit small), which in my account of them tend to look more like mashed bananas than fingers.

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