A Blip on the Drawing Trail

This is a test of my resolve to post each day about my drawing progress, as I didn’t do very well yesterday.  The study point of the  day was tone, learning to deal with light and dark and all the gradations in between.

My particular failure is in that creation of the intermediate shades.  But the theory is that the more one tries the better one gets, isn’t it?

There was ample opportunity to get hands covered in black, and there were many smudged cheeks, noses and foreheads.  It is measure of the growing cohesion of the class that it is now possible to point out such a thing to a classmate.

We did one sketch applying layers of willow charcoal layer by layer, and then this one, which was made by covering the paper first, and then removing sections with a putty rubber, and then adding back some more charcoal for the darkest areas.  Meanwhile we weren’t allowed to forget the necessity to measure the proportions, and in my case, lengthen the legs, and narrow the shoulders.

I think it’s possible to tell it’s a person……

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  1. It is an excellent person. In fact, I would go so far as to say it is a woman person. You’re getting good!!!


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